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What's Missing In Your Marketing Is You.

Are you starting to feel like no matter what you join, 
where you advertise or how many emails you send... 
it's just not working?

Obviously, Something Isn't Right. Am I Right?
Without me having any idea what it is you are trying to promote, sell, or recruit people
into online, I would dare to guess that the missing link (pun intended) is simply You.

Now Consider This...
When you originally made the decision to get signed-up and get started with whatever
it is you are promoting online today, you most likely made that decision because...

You spotted an ad for an offer/opportunity that was a fit for you.
Someone suggested you have a look, you did and you liked it.

You were already familiar with the person you signed-up with and
have been a friend/fan/follower online (on facebook for example).
You had been on the person's email list and are familiar with them
because they include a blog (for example) when they email you.

Or... (final answer)
You landed on some random ad online somewhere, and decided to
go Google/Youtube search for more info (someone to help you) and
found someone's blog/video/fbpage and got signed-up that way. 

Notice: Every Example Above Includes Being
A Part Of Someone's Social Audience Online.

If your simple day-to-day marketing efforts online are not producing much
of any results for you, then that should serve as a sure sign that you need to
stomp a larger footprint and do better to engage the audience you do have.

Steven Anthony
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