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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Do I Really Need A Website In 2018?

No matter what you "think" you understand about how-to
dominate the internet for additional income at this point, 
chances are you're still missing one significant piece... 
and that would be a website of your very own.  

Without A Website, You Have No Business Online!

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Do I Really Need A Website In 2018?
I'm going to take you back in time to 7 years ago, back when I first flipped open my laptop and began my quest to find a simple way to make money online from home in my spare time. I knew less than nothing of course but I was smart enough to create both my twitter and facebook accounts. 

I happened to spot what looked like a super cool automation tool called tweet-adder and as soon as I realized I could earn commissions every time someone purchased the tool using my affiliate link, I thought to myself "my God, this is too easy". I grabbed my link, opened up my twitter and spam tweeted non-stop for hours. Until twitter stopped me.

Facebook? I knew better then to continuously spam my own status, so I posted once and waited. Truth be told, I was too brand-newbie to think of messaging random people and if any of the FB Ad Posting Groups even existed way back in those days, I certainly had no idea how to find them. 

Here's The Moral Of My Story...
7 years ago both twitter and facebook were pretty wide-open territory compared to today. Of course I  had literally zero marketing "smarts" and it showed. My total sales of tweet-adder amounted to exactly $0. Now, if we flash forward to today. Forget about it. Social Media is one big popularity contest and if all you've got to show is some canned presentation and a generic sales page. Good luck.
It didn't work 7 years ago and it still doesn't work.

Having A Website (of your own) In 2018 Is 
Especially Important When Posting To
Social Media... It's What The Pros Do!

 Steven Anthony
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