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Because "Social" Is Today's TOP Marketing Tool.

You might not realize this yet but the "Glory Days" of email List Building as a simple, effective referral mechanism have ended and Today's email marketing is:
 A Whole New Monster.

Now before you get all up in arms allow me to explain my point... Even as recently as a few years ago it was relatively easy for just about anyone to take a simple lead capture page and even with free traffic from traffic sites such as Safelists and Traffic Exchanges, not only have people opt-in but actually buy stuff too!

I remember and it was pretty damn CQQL indeed.

But it just isn't like that these days. Free traffic sites (and the members) are being bombarded at such a rate, having a good offer isn't "What" matters, what matters more than ever is "Who" is presenting the offer.

Here's one simple example I'm sure you've noticed... many traffic sites include some type of social surfing feature (include a profile picture, FB icon, Twitter icon) etc... Still, you notice there are How Many?? members posting ads and their profile is some ugly empty space.

Stop Doing That... Start Doing This!!

You know "Exactly" what I'm talking about! 

Back in the day I must have opted-in to 100's of subscriber lists from all sorts of marketers. And I'll admit too, I did sign-up with a number of monthly/referral programs even though I had literally NO IDEA who my "sponsor" was or how they might be able to help me get started.

That isn't going to happen today. Unless you have already earned enough "Influence" online that people recognize you as some type of an authority/leader or a program owner, etc... If that's the case then sure, it isn't too uncommon to have someone opt-in to a lead capture page, get that first message, recognize it's coming from "You" (and they trust your offers) that they'll just decide to Get Signed Up and ask questions later.

But 99% of the time that doesn't happen on the first message even for the "Super Stars".

*Networking in a nutshell...

 When people hear Network Marketing they think of Herbalife, or Amway or some other company. Network Marketing is NOT a business model it is simply a "method" of marketing. If you want more Referrals, more Reps into your MLM or more Sales from your list...

 Learning to network in a simple way using "Social Media" is how to get that done!!

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