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Simple "Friendly" Marketing... ZERO Drama!

Gone are the days over hyped, over priced and overly complicated make money online schemes. Today's internet is all about Simple "Friendly" Marketing...

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Hello, Welcome and "Thank You" for Being Here!! ;)

I want to share a few simple Cash Flow tips that will certainly help to reverse your misfortunes in the #makemoneyonline industry and allow you to experience at least some measure of Good Fortune sooner (rather than never) for a change!

1. Avoid Excessive Monthly Fees As Often As Possible.
Especially if you are still struggling to have anyone join with you in any Network Marketing or Affiliate Referral program. How many times have you joined a new program and then quit almost immediately because you didn't want to Pay the next months' membership fees?

2. Focus On Your Preferred Method Of Marketing Rather Than "More Money Here!"
For example, If you prefer posting ads on FREE Traffic sites such as Safelists, etc...
you should be promoting low cost, high value programs (No Monthly Fees is best).
People Do Not randomly join $100/mo. programs just because the ads look nice.

3. Promote "Why You Do What You Do!" 
If you are a Frustrated Marketer who is Fed Up with being a Frustrated Marketer, then make it a point to partner with a program featuring Easy to understand, Simple to do strategies that can help You and that You can be excited to share with others.

And YES!!... It really is as Simple as that!

In my 5+ years marketing online I've tried it all.
Now all I do is #RocktheBizOps

-Steven Anthony
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