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Are YOU Using FREE Traffic Resources?

There is Good and Not Good with just about anything. FREE Traffic Sites such as Safelists and Traffic Exchanges provide the perfect example. 

Did you know... the TOP 10 FREE Traffic Sites require as few as 100 hits/visitors (or less) to produce a Free sign-up (or opt-in) while some of the least effective traffic sites require as many as 5,000 or more hits/visitors? 
Seems crazy, but it's true.

Members of YourViralList see the Data!

I've been a fan and follower of Matthew Graves (owner/admin) and all of his many traffic sites over the years. There is zero question that Matthew is as experienced, professional and as dialed in with what is working and/or NOT working in the traffic marketplace unlike most anyone else. 

*My 2-Cents...

Let's be honest, trying to leverage free traffic sites such as safelists and traffic exchanges as a way to build our email subscriber lists isn't easy.

5 years ago I could "click" for credits for less than an hour and have 5-10 people opt-in on my lead capture pages no sweat. But it just isn't anything like that anymore.

I've known Matthew had launched this brand new program and I mistakingly "assumed" it was going to be just another viral mailer, downline builder type of program.

I was wrong.

I was "really" wrong! You are going to be blown-away by just how simple this system can be working for YOU asap and...

Having YOUR referrals helping to add new subscribers directly into YOUR autoresponder service of choice, or you can have your leads collected right in the back-office for you.

Steven Anthony