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Let's Talk Facebook Ad Posting Groups...

I've got a secret about how-to dominate Facebook Ad Posting Groups without ever "spamming" your affiliate links, without posting the annoying "comment for info" posts and without ending up in FB Jail... because you're doing it wrong!!

The secret is... drum roll please... Admin your own group!

Ok, maybe it sounds a bit too obvious, maybe a bit too ominous for some of you, but I'm telling you right here and right now... if I had to scrap all of my lead capture pages, blogs, email autoresponders, funnel systems, residual traffic sources, etc... and start from ZERO... I'd create another FB Ad Posting Group before anything else.

Here's The Perfect Example Of Why....

Would you believe me if I told you that I've had as many as "50" new member requests in a single day? It's true! As a matter of fact, posting (sharing) my Ad Group into "maybe" as many as 10 other ad groups per day is how I added 6,000+ new members. Super Easy!

What do you suppose happens when I say "Hi" to 6,000+ people on Facebook who are members of... "My" Group?

That's Why! And It's Free!!
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